Raise Your Standards

Raise Your Standards

"Wants don't get met, standards do."

Mediocre - of only moderate quality; not very good

 When you accept mediocrity in your life, your quality of life feels shitty. This can affect other parts of your life.

High standards challenge you to be your best

Setting only the highest goals for yourself, or not settling for less than your very best helps you enact a big change in the way you conduct yourself. It encourages you to compare yourself with your personal best so that you will keep on progressing. It is about knowing that you can do better and then actually proving to yourself that you can do better.

  • uphold high standards in your lifestyle
  • Eat only whats best for your health
  • Start doing great things to and for your body by working on getting that  body that you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember whatever you are not charging you are choosing. 

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